Technical and Legal Support to MCR (TLSM) 2014

Since 1999, substantial investments of political and financial resources have been focused on creating the conditions for the sustainable return and reintegration of IDPs and refugees to Kosovo both by Kosovo government and international institutions. In the last several years Ministry for Communities and Returns (MCR) has been heavily engaged in promoting and dealing directly with the return and reintegration activities. Even though 15 years has passed since the conflict ended, displaced minorities are still willing to voluntarily return in Kosovo. One of the basic needs upon their arrival in Kosovo, among others, is proper shelter. MCR has available considerable budget to provide housing assistance and infrastructure projects for certain number of returning families. Through TLSM, DT provides technical and legal assistance to MCR until the end of 2014. As a direct result of the project up to 40 minority families will have received a proper housing assistance as well as up to 12 small scale infrastructure project will have been implemented Kosovo wide