Safety Against Disasters in Condominium

NGO Developing Together (DT) is dealing with housing issues in Kosovo for several years. After a research on the condition of the Condominium Buildings in Pristina where more than half of the overall Pristina residents live, DT has come to the conclusion that the condition of functioning and maintenance of condominium in Pristina is very worrying (in some cases alarming). In none of the investigated buildings structures foreseen by the Law "Condominium Buildings 04 / L - 134" are not functioning and in almost all buildings the organization of the inhabitants is quite chaotic and unstructured.One of the most worrying issues in these buildings is the fact that emergency exits do not function in cases of various disasters (fire, earthquake, floods). In many buildings there are no emergency stairs or existing staircases remain inoperative due to lack of maintenance or are closed. Firefighting systems (hydrants) through the entrances to buildings are out of order (lack of flexible tubes, no water in hydrants) or no fire system at all.After the case of the fire in one of the buildings in London, DT is quite worried that an eventual fire in condominium buildings could have catastrophic consequences for us.DT requires from the local and central level to urgently address the issue of functionalization of the law of condominium buildings, with particular focus on the issue of residents safety against eventual disasters.